Thursday, January 30, 2014

OOTD and Hazel Sherbet

amazing jeans...

Ok so just a quick OOTD and a shop update!

OH AND if you want to set up an ETSY & want 40 free listings (plus I get 40 free listings) be sure to go through this link ( or message me for help!

First of all have you ever heard of Grammarly? I use Grammarly to check for plagiarism because, I think there is enough Shia Labeouf's out there.... Have you heard of the whole awkward plagiarism situations, not one but a few times... (Read about it here....)

So you can find my shop here (Hazel Sherbet on Etsy) I will be uploading more items later in the month, but for now you can find a few styles of hair clips and brooches. Check out my shop to see more pictures and items like the jewelry below! Also, I love to hear your input, so if there is anything you would like to see or any ideas you have let me know!

Bling Blossom Hairclip: AB Rainbow colors creating a iridescent daisy
Blossom hairclip (Click here to shop)

Blossom brooch (click here to shop)

Iris AB Origami Flower hairclips
Iris Origami hair clip (Click here to shop)

Iris Origami hair clip (Click here to shop)

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  1. Those jeans really are so cute. Too bad my legs aren't skinny and cute like yours. Hehe! And such cute flowers & jewelry! That talent. Daaaang girl.